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8" by 10" collage on painted canvas "Righty Tidy"

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

I love to collect paper. As a child, my mother would buy the day by day calendars that had a fancy page for each day. I would save them and cut out the little parts that I liked. I was recently given a few quilting magazines. I look through the magazines one at a time. I like the look of quilts and these magazines inspire me. I look through each image until I find one that stands out to me. For my piece, “Righty Tidy” I was drawn to the huge "chain" centerpiece. The vibrant colors and lines were mesmerizing. I cut out the piece and found a canvas with the color I wanted. After the piece was fitted and glued to the canvas, I searched in the quilting magazine for works that would complement this chain. I found a beautiful pond inspired quilt with many stripes and colored patterns. I took this piece and cut out which colors and stripes I liked. This piece had a big emphasis on right angles and lines while I created it.

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