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8" by 10" collages on painted canvas by Danelle Kraft

This is my "Collage on Canvas" series.

The first featured piece, "Night Lights", was created after I was inspired by a photograph of street lights. I used parts of the photo and incorporated greeting card clippings, painted paper, and cuts from an old piece of mine that I didn't like. These pieces were secured to a painted canvas to create the scene.

The next featured piece, "Quilting", was inspired by a quilting magazine that was gifted to me. I connected with the textures and memories sparked within these quilts. As my memories of quilts from my childhood are jumbles but many, so are the quilts displayed on my canvas. I think of cold winter nights snuggling in a quilt while drinking hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies.

The third featured piece, "Hotel", was inspired after I discovered the small quilted squares. It reminds me of fancy hotels with intricate patterned carpets down the long hallways. I always wondered why the carpets were so ugly as a child as I would only step on certain parts of the pattern. I picture this piece hanging in a gold elevator that connects to the lobby.

The fourth and final featured piece, "Righty Tidy", was created after I saw the chain centerpiece. I was intrigued by the linework and color intensity. My focus for the piece was to create a very precise area with patterns, right angles, and complimentary linework. Each piece was cut out very carefully and placed in multiple spaces before the final position was decided.

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