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Creating the “Body Positivity” collection

I created the body positivity collection to help myself and others love how their body looks.

I remeber being in kindergarten and crying because I thought my thighs looked big when I sat down. I remember feeling ashamed when I stole a bite of brownie that was left out on the counter. I would work out for six hours every day and eat a really strict diet. I would search and try on every top I had before putting on a sweatshirt.

So I started to paint women. I found a reference that I despised but I didn’t know why. I painted her and added her to the pile of paintings. It wasn’t until I created digital forms of each painting that I realized who she was. She was me, but I saw her differently this time. I liked the drawing and noticed that I liked myself a bit more. I wanted to share my experience with other women who also struggle with their body image. I’ve had women ask that I add their insecurities or scars and it makes me feel good. I love being able to help women embrace who they are as I learn to embrace myself.

I am donating 10% of proceeds to Nonprofits like NEDA. They help families and individuals who struggle with eating disorders. They provide preventive measure, care, and help individuals work towards a cure.

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